Nestled away on a coastal Cornish farmstead, Saint Sithney Distilling Co. are the proud purveyors of Cornish spirit.

We understand that place is inherent in forming a unique identity and soul and Sithney is steeped in the heart and mettle of those that came before us. This wild land is a fertile bedrock that is imbued with history and legend, where art, technology, imagination and tenacity provide rich soil for seeds of inspiration and creation.

After months of experimentation, the character of our flagship Cornish dry gin, Saint Sithney, was formed. This resulted in a premium artisanal gin that truly captures the spirit of Cornwall with its bold, original flavour profile and refreshing citrus notes.


Place and memory are inherently interlinked throughout the cornish landscape. At Sithney, the ancient and the modern meld in the present, creating links to the past and a grounding in place and identity.

Named after Saint Sithney who came to Cornwall as one of a band of Irish missionaries. Legend states that God asked Sithney to be the patron saint of women seeking husbands, but Sithney retorted that he would never get any rest and so instead became the patron saint of mad dogs!

History is entrenched in every aspect of Sithney, even below the ground as the landscape is peppered with mines, some of which go back as far as Tudor times- the most renowned being the Great Wheal Fortune mine. Many generations of Cornishmen toiled in these pits, producing copper, zinc, arsenic, tungsten and tin. It is said that in the 1950s, a lone minor was seen to be working in the burrows, taking two sacks of Wolfram daily to the nearby village of Camborne to sell. And so, the wheel of fortune turns and, like the rotations of the hands of a clock, time has brought a new spirit of creativity and pride to the small parish - Saint Sithney Distilling co.


Every botanical used within our Saint Sithney Gin has been conscientiously selected to capture the pure, crisp flavour we wanted to achieve, inspired by our beautiful Cornish peninsula coastline surrounding us. Combining all of our natural beauty, we add the carefully selected botanicals to a neutral spirit, where they are thoughtfully placed in our copper pot still, affectionately named Wendy.

During the distillation process is where the magic happens! Only the truest heart makes it into our Saint Sithney Gin. Once we have collected our neat spirit, we cut it using flicking amounts of the pure moorland kissed Cornish Water, until we reach our coveted strength of alcohol.

The desired hand-crafted gin is then meticulously bottled in our beautifully decorated unique bottle to capture all the flavours inspired by the rugged Cornish coastline and the everlasting tranquil countryside and sealed shut by hand labelling each and every bottle. Simply refreshing. The mix of the juniper berries, lemongrass, orange peel, angelica root and grains of paradise should be enjoyed across all palates with ice and a slice of citric orange to create an everlasting taste of utopia.